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Synthetic Diamond Industry Trends And Prospects
[ Published:2015/3/20  Read:15119 times  Source:yftools]

With the rapid take-off the growing maturity of synthetic diamond technology and China's economy, China has had more diamond tool manufacturing technology accumulation and progress, with a strong manufacturing capability. Because of the great advantages of Chinese enterprises in labor costs, combined with technology development trend latecomer to catch up on, so our business has obvious advantages in the product price. Rapid growth in market demand, companies have launched around the diamond tool, and the emergence of a number of internationally competitive business advantage. China has become the world's major producer of diamond tools, applications and exporting countries, the annual output value of over ten billion yuan.

Synthetic diamond applications in the emerging field of industry is expected to further expand

With the continuous improvement of synthetic diamond grade, and its excellent performance is expected to be more widely used in high-tech fields, such as aviation instrument bearings can be used for processing, radar catheter, optics, high-energy accelerator smoke and other precision instruments; can be used monocrystalline silicon, 0.1 ~ 0.2mm thick polysilicon film cutting, grinding, satellite solar panels and other high-precision machining; can be used for computer chips and other LSI fine precision cutting, slotting, backside thinning, nanocrystalline diamond polishing other processing; high-intensity optical window large high-purity single crystal diamond can also be produced for the power compression test, the very environment apertures and fusion energy research certain device components and so on. Including all of the world's developed countries, including synthetic diamond superhard materials and products as a development priority, research and application level superhard materials and products in a way represents the level of technological development of a country.

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